Maha and David are currently residing in Portland, Oregon. They are teaching workshops and holding special events, as well as private sessions as follows:


Article written for those with an extreme sensitivity to subtle energy by Lakshmi BrownLife Force Healing – Aura & Chakra with Maha



5800562_origSpiritual  Coaching for Individuals/Couples on a journey of spiritual deepening with Maha & David


   Spiritual Counselling with David


  An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality For Women, with Maha



throat-chakraThe Big OM” – A Group Healing, Toning Meditation(with David & Maha) 



kundalini danceKundalini Dance with Maha & David 



colourful meditatorMeditation Technique for Life with Maha & David – 3 Consecutive early morning sessions




4601Relationship in the New Paradigm – A Reading from The Esoteric Path of Marriage followed by discussion & Q&A


ingram_theblackspeck_cover-page-001Spiritual Discourse with David – A Reading of The Black Speck: A Meditative, Existential, Cosmic, Quantum Love Story followed by discussion & QA


sacred-sexuality for women

  WYAP Pelvic Floor Meditation for Women (with Maha)