“The Big OM” – A Group Healing, Toning Meditation (with Maha & David):

The Big OM is a truly transformational practice. Participate in a powerful, weekly healing that will rocket you into a higher vibration in your daily life. Share in this easy yet powerful group toning practice, which is guaranteed to blow the cobwebs of the mind away more efficiently and effectively even than regular, silent-sitting meditation, bringing a precious feeling of group-unity and inner-stillness. Explore the root of the sacred syllable AUM, within and without.

The combination of sound and breath creates a cerebro-spinal cleansing, constituting a true healing for body, mind and soul. Walk away feeling high in spirit, with a healing, meditation technique you can use in your daily life.

The Big OM with Maha and David, (who are a unique healing team, and both Kundalini Adepts) raises the vibration and amounts to a healing of the emotional and spiritual bodies.

Maha and David have shared this practice in London, Los Angeles and in India, and now they are excited to bringing it to Portland on a weekly basis where they hope to create a community supporting radical spiritual growth.

All welcome! No previous meditation experience is necessary. Come along and experience it for yourselves!


When?: The last Thursday of the month 6:00pm-7:00pm Please come up to 15 minutes early for silent sitting meditation.

Where?: SomaSpace 4050 NE Broadway Street, Portland, 97232 (Behind the Hollywood Theater).

Suggested Love-Donation $5 – $10

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Maha devloped this practice after seeing the translation of a Sanskrit bhajan (in an ashram) written by an Indian sage. One of the lines read: Chant the sacred syllable ‘AUM’ like a mad-man until you reach the Supreme Goal!

Maha started OMming on her own for long periods to clear herself out during times of emotional turbulence. Then began the practice of OMming together with David and eventually they began sharing this practice with groups.

The five essential principles of OM Yoga by Maha and David are as follows:

1. Together (in Spirit) we are greater than the sum of our parts!

Again and again when we have practiced OM Yoga in our relationship, and in groups, this has been our experience: together we can harness a greater healing capacity. In fact, experiments carried out using large numbers of meditators, (at Maharishi University of Management), have found a statistically significant reduction in crime, in a population when just 1% of that population meditate together.

2. We gnow how to heal ourselves; all have equal access to the presence of God!

The ability to self-heal is utterly innate, we need only rediscover our ability to feel. That is to say, to reclaim the consciousness that is being commandeered by the surface-mind for more expansive functioning.

3. Organic Breath: The Presence within is the source of our breath.

The mind restricts and forces the breath because of worry and fear, whereas the nature of breath is organic. We observe a deep breath, or lack thereof, we trust in the intelligence within the body to take what it needs. When we try to control the breath we are giving the false-self reign over a natural function of consciousness. When we allow the breath to be organic, the power of Self-healing is returned to our Beingness.

4. Man is ritualistic, God is spontaneous!

Forgo the instincts of the surface-mind to hold on tight; allow free movement! Be free! Encourage the Presence within to be Itself, only the mind needs to know and seeks to control. The path of Yoga entails discipline, and this can be a key but this practice provides the balance needed to let go the ritual and enter the spontaneity of the Presence.

5. Become the Active Witness

Who is the do-er? What does it mean to be the Witness of our experience? The Witness State is most accurately described as a state of high awareness, for as we witness ourselves (in this case the actions of OMing, breathing, perhaps moving) this action is a consequence of the Presence we are holding. We are plunging our consciousness within ourselves, reclaiming ourselves, in this sense we are not ‘doing nothing’ as ‘being a Witness’ may seem to suggest. Becoming the Active Witness is a major key to Spiritual Enlightenment, and the practice of OM Yoga, a perfect arena in which to develop this perfect state.

New Age, Spiritual, Inner Peace, Unity Consciousness

The practice as defined by Maha and David

  • Chant the sacred syllable ‘OM’ from the depths of yourselves.

  • Merge in the sound together. Other sounds may express other than OM; the intelligence of your being knows very well exactly what sound it needs to produce to bring healing. Note, the ‘MMM’ sound can be as important as the ‘OOO’ sound, and has its own healing function, feel it reverberate through your sinuses, brain, etc.

  • No need to OM in exact unison (timing each OM together as in a yoga class), instead let it be free-form so that your body can breathe when it needs to and OM as long as it feels to.

  • Observe any thoughts being produced alongside the OM, let them pass through you or be swept away by the OM.

  • As you go deep, your body may naturally begin to move therapeutically as it unwinds tension. No one really needs to learn this practice, it’s pretty much what you came into this world doing, feeling deeply and letting rip in sound. This time, though you’re able to use your voice in a more sophisticated way and enjoy the natural harmonies and dissonances that are created with other voices

  • OM like this for 5 to 10 minutes to clear your mind or OM for 30-40 minutes (or longer) to feel yourself vibrating in the Silence.

  • As with all deep meditations, it’s good to lay down for five minutes or so afterwards in relaxation. Such deep healing to your Mind, Heart and Soul and such a feeling of Unity will be exposed. This practice clears the cobwebs out faster than silent meditation.

  • OM in the car, OM as you prepare the food, OM for the Joy of it! You may also burst into OM at any moment that Unity needs to be restored. Don’t OM identified with pain but enter Presence and OM from there with the intention of helping to clear the layers away.