An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Women, with Maha

“Bringing your sexuality into the realm of the Sacred is a colossal adventure just waiting for any who feel the call to touch the very deepest truths, and secrets the Universe conceals within her mysterious nature.” – Maha

Hear from one who has taken the full journey from a worldly interpretation of sexuality inherited from the culture to the heights of sexual mysticism. Maha Brown, author of The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship, will share from her discoveries in an informal, intimate discussion alongside questions and answers.

She will also use specific, guided meditations to introduce you to the spiritual anatomy and how it functions as a vehicle for healing as well as how to turn on the tap to the abundance of your own spiritual-sexual energy.

This workshop is open to women of all ages, regardless of whether or not they are currently in a relationship.