Enlightened Relationship Coaching/Counselling

  with David and Maha

Spiritual Growth Through Relationship


Relationship Therapy is an opportunity to enlighten your relationship alongside the guidance and support – and through the teachings – of Maha and David, (the authors of the highly acclaimed book The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Through, in person.

It is the chance to set out on an inner adventure together with your partner, to examine what is not working in your relationship, and why, and embrace new practices and ways of being together.

In short, it is a journey towards building a New Paradigm relationship together that supports you both, and helps you to grow on every level of your being. Ultimately, to build a relationship that can help you both to come into truly fulfilling lives together, a relationship that may even come to serve the planet in a mighty way.

  • Is your relationship directed towards spiritual growth and personal empowerment?

  • Does your relationship allow you both to spiritually thrive and live in the vibration of your highest potential?

  • Is your relationship a source of light and inspiration?

These are some of the aims of Enlightened Relationship Coaching/Counselling with David and Maha. To help those couples who feel ready, to bring their relationship into alignment with the high vibration of the New Paradigm within. Therefore, a relationship need not, though may be, ‘in crisis’ in order to benefit from Enlightened Relationship Coaching/Counselling but may instead be an important ‘next step’ in your personal/spiritual evolution, both individually and as a partnership.

Above all, Enlightened Relationship Coaching is a forum for self-discovery and inner-exploration; where we journey together to create a safe, non-judging space to unburden, liberate, and grow in Unconditional Love.

Could your relationship benefit from Enlightened Relationship Coaching/Counselling?

Are you interested in radical spiritual growth within a committed relationship? David and Maha, experts in how to create and maintain an enlightened relationship, and authors of The Esoteric Path of Marriage are dedicated to this work. Having themselves forged a relationship focused on profound spiritual growth they understand how hard it can sometimes be putting it all in to practice. And that is why they are doing this work, to assist those warriors of the Spirit as they further liberate themselves.

Relationship as a Path

Relationship may be one of the most challenging paths there is, and Maha and David do not stand as advocates for one path over another. Rather, they offer themselves as wayfinders and space-holders for those who find themselves pulled by destiny to wake up through relationship. To these individuals they say:

“Once a relationship has liberated itself, it becomes a veritable powerhouse to serve the Light of the World; for it enlightens a part of the outward structure itself (that has typically been entrenched in complex and pain-fuelled ancestral patterning), providing a Great Hope for humanity at large. Out of such a partnership beautiful fruit is inevitable.”

Your relationship could be experiencing the following:

  • Difficulty moving through repetitive egoic patterning/ pain body identification
  • An overgrown marital pain-body, pain that you may have built between you that has become unwieldy
  • Challenging life circumstances and worldly pressures that exacerbate tension in your relationship
  • Communication challenges
  • Struggling to arrive at a feeling of shared purpose/direction
  • Challenges enlightening/confronting/healing a sexual relationship
  • Seemingly irreconcilable challenges/differences of opinion or perspective
  • Outmoded relationship dynamics between you that need to be healed
  • Shared trauma in your relationship that has left some scarring

How can you work with David and Maha?

David and Maha operate intuitively, bringing a healing, compassionate presence and a high spiritual understanding. They may use meditation techniques and other practices described in their book as well as discussion to assist a couple in unwinding pain and rediscovering unity, peace and understanding. They may also enter a trans-personal state to process the pain of separation that is present, holding space for deeper truths and deeper wisdom to emerge. Maha and David suggest to any couple who wishes to work with them to read their book The Esoteric Path of Marriagewhich is an expression of their own realizations, techniques and practices they have received along the way. One entry point into Maha and David’s perspective is the Thirteen Agreements of The Esoteric Path of Marriage, which are fully unpacked in the second chapter of their book. Prior to a session you will receive an ‘intention sheet’ for you to help focus your sessions to get the most out of them.

Contact Maha and David to arrange a session: mahaanddavid@gmail.com

What are the costs involved with Enlightened Relationship Coaching/Counselling with Maha and David?

Maha and David currently offer this service on a donation basis. Enlightened Relationship Coaching is a new paradigm, discovery process, the fruits of which will form into expressions such as new writings and Couples Bliss Retreats.

Where do Maha and David work?

Maha and David are currently working in Portland, Oregon.