Enlightened Relationship book“The Esoteric Path of Marriage is the Enlightened Relationship book the World has been waiting for!”                                                 – Sacred Human Press

Imagine forging an enlightened relationship that is for your spiritual liberation. A relationship that allows you to walk the path of spiritual enlightenment with a partner.

The Esoteric Path of Marriage sets out a blueprint for enlightened relationship in the coming age. Comprised of practical guidance, universal truths, insights, stories and spiritual practices, to help lead sacred marriage to its highest purpose; a relationship that heals mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual wounds; and guides the partnership to the highest freedom: union with the true Self.

Whether this is your first exploration of the Inner-Self or you have long been on an inward journey; this book will transform you and your relationship with your partner.

Single? It will open up your ability to have more conscious, New Paradigm enlightened relationships in the future.

Is The Esoteric Path of Marriage suitable for all spiritual practitioners, from any tradition?

This book is of no denomination and its authors do not see themselves as advocates of the path of relationship over any other. Rather, they offer this book as inspiration, assistance and guidance to all those finding themselves in a partnership dynamic or wondering how or if spiritual enlightenment through or in relationship, is even possible.

It has received resounding endorsements from a variety of spiritual authors and high-level practitioners, and spiritual teachers from various different traditions from traditional Eastern mysticism to the New Age. These include a Tibetan Buddhist Lama; teachers of A Course in Miracles and a devotee of Amma the Hugging Saint.

The Esoteric Path of Marriage is greater than the sum of its content, for it is of the Heart, and therefore has the ability to bring the reader into that space also. That space within that is the source of all, the Eternal Loving Presence itself.



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Text on image about sacred relationship/spiritual marriage book reads as follows: "208 pages long The Esoteric Path of Marriage is available as a kindle and paperback online. If you do not see it at your local bookstore you can ask them to order it for you