Experience Aura and Chakra Healing Sessions with Maha Lakshmi, in Portland

What to expect from an Aura and Chakra Healing with Maha

Maha’s Aura and Chakra Healing Sessions, which she calls Life Force Healing, is a different experience for everyone. However, in all sessions the recipient reclinesExperience an Aura and Chakra Healing with spiritual author, Maha Brown in Portland, Oregon on a healing bed whilst relaxing music plays. You can choose, (if you wish), to focus the session on a particular issue; one that is most ‘alive’ for you at this time. Other than this, the only requirement from you, is your openness and willingness to heal.

What makes Maha’s session special?

The Kundalini Life Force Energy is free to flow through her because her energy centers are fully open. Maha enters a trance-like healing state of deep presence in her sessions. She is able to carry out  subtle, corrective work in the spiritual anatomy. She works with a highly advanced healing team on the ‘Etheric’. Together with, and through Maha, the team is able to work on many dimensions of an individual simultaneously. Individuals can potentially take large evolutionary strides forwards, in terms of their spiritual development, in these sessions.

About Maha

Maha has spent several years in India, navigating her spiritual awakening through meditation, surrender, present-moment-awareness and emotional processing. This inner-work has uncovered an effortless compassion which is an invaluable element in her healing work.

She has studied spiritual energy healing with World-renown healers in India and Nepal but considers herself a compassionate healer, working from and with, the aliveness of the present moment.

Maha is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tibetan tradition, having been initiated by Lama Ngwang Rigzdin, the only practicing Grand Master Buddhist Lama in the World and founder of the World’s first Reiki Hospital. She is currently teaching Reiki in Portland, Oregon.

And she is the author of the spiritual relationship book, The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship which she co-wrote with her partner David Pan Brown.

Please watch testimonials video below from those who’ve shared their experiences of Maha Lakshmi’s session.


Maha is currently in Portland Oregon, sessions held at Anjali Healing Center, 343 SE Belmont Street, #101 and #207, Portland, OR 97214. To put yourself on an appointments list, please email or call: mahalakshmibrown@gmail.com (503) 890-7506


$80-$120 for a FULL 90 minute session

$50-$70 for 45 minutes

Testimonials for Maha’s Healing Session, which is currently holding in Portland, Oregon.


“Do I need healing?” Who will benefit from an Aura and Chakra Healing?

Many are under the impression that in order to benefit from healing there must be something ‘wrong’ with them. However, there is another way of looking at this. Through spiritual practices such as meditation and spiritual energy healing, we uncover, more of who, and what we really are. The True Self and source of all that exists and existed before even our first thought. And what is our essential nature? Unconditional love, peace and bliss.

To some this may sound a little far-fetched. If this is what we really are, (gazing around at the world we inhabit, with its perpetual war and relentless crises of all kinds), why all the mayhem?

Others may be aware of this spiritual truth. However, simply knowing we are love as a fact, is not the same as coming to glimpse it and yes, even dwell in this Beauty-Love-Intelligence that is our true nature. It is not only a journey but our birthright to learn to touch it more and more. So even though some of us may feel as though there is nothing wrong per se, that does not exclude us from the potential benefits of an Aura and Chakra Healing.

Spiritual Benefits of Aura and Chakra Healing

The best way to understand your true nature as a spiritual being is to experience it for yourself. Many, if not all, experience this to one degree or another, either during or after a healing session. For some this is experienced as the deep peace of a quiet mind, or a feeling of lightness where previously there had been a relentless heaviness. For others, it is as though a new dimension of themselves has just opened up.

So in truth, everyone and anyone can benefit from an Aura & Chakra Healing. Furthermore, an Aura and Chakra Healing can help to alleviate such symptoms as:

  • Fatigue
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

as consciousness brings to light those parts of us that we have not wanted to acknowledge with our awareness.

“I am suffering from depression.” Can Aura and Chakra Healing assist with mental unwellness?

If we are experiencing disquiet on the mental level of ourselves, what better time to explore another dimension of ourselves, namely our spirituality? It is easy for the mind to become depressed in these torrid times in which we live; with all of the rigors of modern life. How we experience this, is only a question of degree. For have we not all, at some time or other, struggled to maintain an even keel?

Spiritual energy healing in the form of Aura and Chakra healing, can help to break down some of the mental patterns that have solidified around us. These mental patterns are what has been making it so hard for the light of our consciousness to shine through, hence the feeling of depression. Understanding that the mental baggage we may be carrying is not what we really are, can be liberating; and this truth may dawn during or after a session.

“How is healing possible? For isn’t my life situation causing my depression?”

It is true that some life situations are harder than others to maintain mental well-being in. Of course, this is, without a doubt the case. However, it is also true that our worries, doubts, insecurities, fears, and anxieties are created at the level of consciousness. Thus, they can be healed at the level of consciousness. When we have an Aura and Chakra Healing, we also raise the vibration of our spiritual energy, of our consciousness. This can provide us with a fresh perspective on our life situation. And this fresh perspective can even create new possibilities for us. A change to our life situation may now present itself, that is more suitable for your new level of consciousness.

How do we come to have such a heavy feeling, or so much emotional pain?

Mental tension is rooted and stored, not only in our minds, but also in our physical and emotional bodies. As a civilization, we have lost touch with ourselves as feeling beings, operating instead largely as thinking beings. We must learn to process our life experiences with the totality of ourselves. Otherwise emotional pain get stored within ourselves and can become a weight, making us feel heavy and depressed.

During an Aura and Chakra Healing with Maha, she is able to assist with releasing some of this stored up pain. This is especially true when partipants come with a willingness to heal.

“I have physical illness” Can Aura and Chakra Healing assist with physical conditions?

A Spiritual Energy Healing such as Reiki or Aura and Chakra Healing is an invitation for us to step into the Mystery. From here, perhaps anything is possible, especially when you consider that scientists now agree that even the physical world is not ‘solid’, as it appears but built out of energy. However, as participants in the Mystery (healers and ‘healees’) we do not look to heal anything in particular on the physical level of reality but rather we surrender to the wisdom of consciousness itself. And so we simply ask that the healing be for the highest good of all involved. Thus, at times, physical conditions are indeed relieved or healed completely following a healing session, but this is thanks to nobody, but the Mystery itself.

Certainly, if you are recovering from surgery, preparing for surgery or suffering from a long-term illness, a spiritual energy healing may work wonders for you in terms of your general feeling of well-being. This is because an Aura & Chakra Healing session restores the spiritual resources that you naturally possess, to help you through the challenges you are facing with more of the totality of your being-ness.