About Maha & David:

Maha and David are the authors of The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Through RelationshipMaha and David understand that there is a creative genius inside each and every one of us, waiting to be revealed through deep inner work. Through their work they desire to play their part to uplift the World out of the Old Paradigm and into the New.

They currently reside in Portland Oregon and are teaching a specific meditation technique, which they say is so easy anyone could do it. Learning this practice with them entails accepting the 21 Day Meditation Challenge, supported by weekly check-ins.

They are also offering Enlightened Relationship Coaching for couples and holding consciousness-raising events such as The Big OM. David makes himself available for one-on-one spiritual coaching/counselling and is a poet. He is the author of The Black Speck: A Meditative, Existential, Quantum, Cosmic Love Story, soon to be released by Sacred Human Press.

Maha, (also known as Lakshmi) is a compassionate healer, able to carry out very subtle corrective work in the subtle energy body. She offers her session ‘Aura Healing & Chakra Rejuvenation‘ and she is a Reiki Master Teacher. She teaches Traditional Usui Reiki, integrated with ancient Tibetan Buddhist symbols and was initiated by Grand Master Lama Ngwang Rigzdin, passing on this lineage to her students.

Maha and David are Kundalini Adepts, able to direct that energy for healing purposes.


David’s story:

When David was 28, he entered a silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree, California, having never meditated before. Facing enormous feelings of depression and anxiety, meditating all day and throughout the night for many days he experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening. He says that it was as though a root was pulled out of his chest and with it, from the depths of his Soul came a primal scream as his pain-body exploded. He was left with a radical feeling of Love that overwhelmed him into spontaneous singing and dancing.

With a profound new perspective and an expanded state of consciousness (known in the East as a full-blown Kundalini Awakening) he has spent the ensuing decade, predominately in India, integrating his awakening and blazing the trail of Enlightenment through relationship with Maha. It was in India where Maha and David met in the ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known throughout the World as Amma “the hugging saint.”

Maha’s  story:

Maha experienced a divine vision in the American desert in 2007 and in 2008 quit her job in London for a trip to India. Following some months of meditation, she had an encounter with the formless aspect of the Divine Mother as her heart leapt into spacious communion with that Eternal Presence, sparking the beginning of an intense, devotional awakening. She was married to David by Amma ‘the hugging saint’. Prior to digging in to the mystical teachings of Eastern Philosophy she studied Western Philosophy. She holds a degree in Western Philosophy from Kings College London.