Working with Maha and David

Maha and David are currently residing in Portland, Oregon. They are teaching workshops and holding special events, as well as private sessions as follows:


Article written for those with an extreme sensitivity to subtle energy by Lakshmi BrownLife Force Healing – Aura & Chakra with Maha



5800562_origSpiritual  Coaching for Individuals/Couples on a journey of spiritual deepening with Maha & David


   Spiritual Counselling with David


  An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality For Women, with Maha



throat-chakraThe Big OM” – A Group Healing, Toning Meditation, Weekly



kundalini danceKundalini Dance with Maha & David 



colourful meditatorMeditation Technique for Life with Maha & David – 3 Consecutive early morning sessions



3b7b44302e6b340a881b62ea4dedd460An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality for Women with Maha




4601Relationship in the New Paradigm – A Reading from The Esoteric Path of Marriage followed by discussion & Q&A


ingram_theblackspeck_cover-page-001Spiritual Discourse with David – A Reading of The Black Speck: A Meditative, Existential, Cosmic, Quantum Love Story followed by discussion & QA


sacred-sexuality for women

  WYAP Pelvic Floor Meditation for Women (with Maha)

About Sacred Human Productions


Our mission is to uplift people out of Old Paradigm thinking, (fear, lack, worry, stress, hatred for each other and ourselves) into the abundant vibration of Peace, Love & Unity of the New Paradigm within. And in this way, help to birth that into the world.

Sacred Human Productions showcases the creative expressions of Maha Brown and David Pan Brown, the authors of the spiritual relationship book: The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship. Creative offerings to include video art pieces, spiritual discussion, spoken word poetry, documentaries and more.

Sacred Human productions will  also (ultimately) be collaborating with and showcasing the works of other New Paradigm/ spiritually awake artists.


David and Maha

David and Maha

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