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The Esoteric Path of Marriage

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship


The spiritual relationship book for those on the spiritual path.

This book is for all who wish to build a spiritual relationship that is rocket fuel for spiritual growth. Indeed this sacred relationship book is a ‘bible’ for those on the spiritual path. By spiritual path in this context we mean, those focused on self-realization, spiritual liberation, spiritual enlightenment and the expansion of consciousness; those intent on transcending identification with the ‘thinking mind’ and realizing their true nature as Spirit; or indeed any who are concerned with personal growth and spiritual empowerment through the sacred crucible of spiritual relationship.

Relationship as a tool for waking-up spiritually

Whether in a relationship or not The Esoteric Path of Marriage provides precious wisdom on how to transcend ego; with a focus on how to transcend ego together in a relationship or marriage. Hence, through taking the ride of this book, one can turn what may have been something of an emotional mine-field (intimate relationship) into a thing of beauty; a vehicle through which we can come into our spiritual and creative power, and follow our highest callings.

What to expect from the book

The book begins with an introductory chapter about the path of spiritual enlightenment through relationship. Then follows a discussion about gender and the Old Paradigm and the deep impressions millennia of patriarchy leaves on the collective and individual psyche. What comes next are 14 agreements that bring your spiritual relationship into alignment with who and what you really are, forming the foundations of enlightened relationship. There is also a sharing of the various pitfalls that can arise on the path of spiritual relationship.

Radical spiritual growth within and through relationship

The authors provide an in depth and original take on the nature of the self. They break down the ego into a wide variety of specific patterns. It helps to be able to spot the false selves at work in order to break the patterning both within yourself and in your relationship dynamic.

Any who are serious about radical spiritual growth will benefit hugely from this book. It includes in depth insight of how to process the emotions, a primary key to spiritual liberation. It also guides you to build a relationship dynamic that will allow you to assist your partner (or future partner) in their emotional processing. For it is reactive, conditioned programming that keeps the human being in chains; locked out of his sacred nature.

Healing, meditation & communication practices for couples

There is also a chapter that gives a comprehensive exploration of meditations and healing practices for couples on their spiritual path; practical ways to bring about harmony and unity within the relationship. Also, an invaluable chapter that teaches couples how to hone their communication practices and bring them in line with a sacred relationship.

Sacred sexuality: Make your love-making a tool for healing, heart-expansion & unity

Finally, the The Esoteric Path of Marriage provides wisdom on sacred sexuality. It teaches how to bring your love-making into harmony with your spiritual path; and utilize it as rocket fuel for your spiritual empowerment. This book even goes so far as to guide a spiritual partnership that is truly focused on realizing unity, into the mysteries of the non-dual state.


"It is our wish to share with those seeking Truth, and those seeking truly fulfilling relationship the path that we have blazed; to forge a relationship that will help them to find and dwell in the Peace of what and whom they really are." - Maha and David, from the book The Esoteric Path of Marriage: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Through Relationship


spiritual relationship

"At its core this book seeks to assist us to alchemize a relationship that keeps us imprisoned in the Mundane into a vehicle that can, with perseverance and Compassion, elevate us into direct, blissful relationship with the Cosmic Beloved.


spiritual relationship


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Text on image about sacred relationship/spiritual marriage book reads as follows: "208 pages long The Esoteric Path of Marriage is available as a kindle and paperback online. If you do not see it at your local bookstore you can ask them to order it for you